Today’s Butler

The role of the butler has changed a lot over the last three decades. These days, a butler works with a smart-phone and is 21st Century savvy. They often have uniforms and white gloves, but they’re usually stashed away in the closet. The contemporary butler is a completely discreet personal assistant, and as a result, they don’t necessarily reveal their employers. Butlers don’t need a uniform as a symbol of identification anymore, but they may wear it during official ceremonies and on important occasions.

However the position is still multifaceted, involving many areas of service to an affluent family, luxury hotel, or corporation. Qualifications needed to become a butler will vary with the setting and employer, due to the wide range of duties and the personal nature of the job, many personality characteristics are required for the optimal performance of this work.


 Correct etiquette knowledge is required for such tasks as answering the phone, answering the door, and seeing to the needs of guests, as well as expertise in personal valet services are necessary, such as packing luggage, organizing closets, and taking care of clothing. Knowledge of the proper care of items such as antiques and fine china are needed, and expertise in miscellaneous areas, such as automobile care, planning social events, and making travel arrangements will also be required.

Since the duties are so extensive, the possession of certain personal qualities can be an asset for those who want to become a butler. Impeccable manners and excellent social skills are needed, as the role serves as a liaison between a household and the outside world. Problem solving and a positive attitude are required, as well as resourcefulness in learning methods of getting things done. Leadership and motivational skills are needed in supervising staff, and the role necessitates being able to work independently as well as in a team. In addition, you must exhibit finesse and understanding of concepts such as being invisible yet available, and being friendly without being overly familiar.