You will require a set of shoe trees (wooden or plastic), Kiwi polish (Black, Brown, Tan and Neutral) a yellow duster or Selvyt polishing cloth, water spray bottle, an old tooth brush and a bristle brush for removing dirt, in addition it is best to have a set of each brushes for your different colour polish.

If your shoes have laces then start by removing them if possible, insert the shoe trees then lightly brush the shoes until all loose dirt and flaky old polish has been removed. Using the tooth bush apply polish to the welt of the shoes and do not forget to apply polish to the underside if the shoe between the sole and heel, this is important as visible when you are walking.

Open you preferred colour polish and put the water into the lid; this will make life easier during the polishing process then dampen your duster or Selvyt and add polish, start to apply thin layers of polish to the shoe in small circular motions until a dull, smooth shine appears. Continue evenly over the entire shoe water, polish, water, polish until the desired shine is achieved then replace the laces.

This will require practice and practice makes perfect, if you can afford yourself time the results will be outstanding.

Lastly when completing your task thoroughly dry the lid before replacing it as you do not want rust to form and affect the polish.