As the name might suggest, digestifs were originally believed to aid digestion. While apéritifs tend to be lighter in alcohol – something to stimulate the appetite but not numb the palate – digestifs are consumed on a full stomach and so tend to be on the stronger side. They are typically served neat (no ice) in small quantities and savored as a leisurely wind-down to a meal.

The possibilities are nearly endless, but here are some popular sipping choices:

Aged Spirits:
Single-Malt Scotch
Aged Rum
Añejo (a premium aged tequila)
Cognac (a brandy from the Cognac region of France)
Armagnac (a brandy from the Armagnac region of France)
Bitters and Herbal-Flavored Liqueurs:
Chartreuse (a French liqueur made with herbal extracts)
Bénédictine (a sweet herbal liqueur from France)
B & B (a.k.a. Bénédictine & Brandy – Bénédictine liqueur diluted with brandy)
Fernet-Branca (an extremely bitter Italian liqueur)
Digestif Cocktails:

Fortified Wines:
Port (a fortified wine made in many regions of the world, but first originating from the Douro Valley of Portugal)
Sherry (a fortified wine from Jerez, Spain)
Marsala (a fortified wine from Marsala, Sicily)
Madeira (a fortified wine from the Madeira Islands of Portugal)

Sweet Dessert Liqueurs:
Sambuca (an anise-flavored liqueur from Italy)
Amaretto (a sweet almond-flavored liqueur from Italy)