Author: Paul Vincent Benedict Brown

Arabic Coffee (Saudi Style)

Arabic coffee, or ‘‘Al-Qahwa’’ (Arabic: قهوة‎‎, qahwah, locally gahwah or g’hawah), is made from roasted coffee beans and cardamom, other spices are used like saffron (to give it a golden colour), cloves, and cinnamon. Some people add a little milk to slightly alter its colour. It is served from a special coffee pot called dadallah (Arabic: دلة‎‎) and the coffee cups are small with no handle called fenjan. The portions are small, covering just the bottom of the cup. It is served in homes, and in good restaurants by specially clad waiters called gahwaji’s. It is always offered with...

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The livery companies of the City of London

A liveryman is a full member of their respective Company. The term livery originated in the specific form of dress worn to retainers of a nobleman and then by extension to special dress to denote status of belonging to a trade. When a Freeman becomes a liveryman, the candidate is said to be ‘enclothed’: indeed, a livery gown is placed on them at the Court and they are seen at the next formal or social occasion wearing it. Thereafter only the master, wardens and assistants in companies are seen wearing these at company events. The masters wear them at...

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