During the past decade or so we have seen the swift rise of affluent home owners employing private butlers to add a touch of class to their place of dwelling. You only have to type the word ‘Butler’ on Google to be quickly taken to a list of specialised private staffing agencies of whom offer bespoke household staffing solutions to discerning clients around the world.

In terms of Royal households, they seem to do all of their recruiting in-house. It was only last year in April 2015 when HM Queen Elizabeth II placed an advert on the Royal website for a trainee butler. The butler duties included the usual specifications as well as the ‘ability to coordinate luggage arrivals’. The salary for the position was less than £16,000 per year which is rather on the low side, but for a young, budding job seeker it would be the making of your CV and your future in the private service industry. Former royal butlers are very much at the top of the butling food chain and can command salaries surpassing £100,000 per year…read the full article by clicking here